Notice your priorities beyond right and wrong


Today, observe: notice what happens when you focus your attention on the concept of PEACE.

What does peace mean to you? 
What does peace mean to others around you?

Is this a top priority or value? 
Is it relevant at all?

What is more important? 
Notice your priorities beyond right and wrong, just notice...

Now, try experimenting this focus beyond concepts or ideas, try to tap into an inner experience of PEACE, move into your own dynamic flow of aliveness, the source from where we live, this is how we are present here and now.
I AM allowing,
I AM processing, 
I AM nurturing, 
I AM participating, 

Being in the awareness of PEACE, for example, assists us in becoming aware of how, there is the word, the concept, the meaning and interpretation, so on and so forward.

Yet there is a line of continuity of an experience: an inner experience.
Become aware of the authentic empowerment and the majesty of that inner space.

Peace is dynamically unfolding inside of us
all ways
and always.


English, BlurbsClaudia Flores