Life is movement


Life is movement and the process of building rhythm and creating balance as we choose to stay present HERE and NOW.

We are being provided with a myriad of gifts in all shapes and forms, messages and messengers that convey information, creating reaction and thus movement, energy that ignites response, and in this response our freedom to choose.

We each have individual Response-abilities that serve as our unique tool box of skills and resources. They are opportunities to choose from and to work with, to activate and actualize within ourselves as we get to participate in anything.

Just like a painter that uses his palette of colors, we use the colors we have available to participate in life, being aware that each opportunity we have to expand our tool kit to paint and play, immediately increases our possibilities to expressing and experiencing life.

With each breath, I am integrating all of me…

With each breath, I am fully igniting my abilities to respond to life.

With each breath, I am present… Here and Now.









English, BlurbsClaudia Flores