A space within that expands gloriously as we pause and BREATHE


Consider continuity as the flow that travels through us; through our bodies, through all levels of our consciousness ... just as water flows through a river, our original essence is to allow that movement to nurture us and to share that flow.

Observe anything within you, that in this moment is restricting your flow, any idea, any feeling, any rule, that justifies your separation … even if these restrictions look like huge walls there are there for you and with you, reclaim your life from within you to work your own path.

Observe the life force you invest in being right, the energy you invest in being accepted by others while rejecting yourself, the efforts for temporarily “feeling good” satisfying cravings of any kind.

There is a space within that expands gloriously as we pause and BREATHE, expanding and harmonizing with all of us, with others around us, seeking integrity and wholeness rather than righteousness and separation, we thrive as we become coherent within and with all.

Consider what would it look like for you, to forgive any judgments that restrict your loving for yourself?

And for that person?

For that Situation in your past?

Notice that by forgiving and accepting you are not endorsing but rather completing a cycle where you ultimately liberate yourself to fully dwell in awareness of our original essence where there are no emergencies, and where the #wonder and #curiosity of life organically bloom.


English, BlurbsClaudia Flores