The conduit for divine creativity


Ever since we are born, we step into a story, old and deeply rooted ways of being, ways of living, ways of loving that pass from generation to generation.

The definition of dynamic concepts such as women, men, mother, father, sister, brother, love, destiny, worth, value, work, service, abundance, happiness, and just about everything, a story of what has been, for the ones that came before us, and the context that shapes the narrative we are born into, giving us a point of reference outside of ourselves.

It is our responsibility to observe and ponder, taking full responsibility for the way we perceive WHAT IS, the way we are #Synthesizing information.

We grow as we actualize and upgrade the narrative whenever needed to expand and maintain a healthy interdependent bound to all and everything, we become our own point of reference and the conduit for divine creativity responsible for the story of our life...


English, BlurbsClaudia Flores