I am stepping into my own majesty as a HUMAN


We align to #Human #Sustainability being in equanimity as we choose liberated from outdated narratives and yet fully Responsible, Aware and Willing accepting, understanding and cooperating with our individual and collective Divine Human experience as center front and main character of all stories, being safe and loving containers for each other.

All ways move into Acceptance that we are on this planet, to learn and grow as divine beings beyond individual preferences and the definition of material success we happen to hold dear to us...

We are here to get messy as we work the fields of evolution, skillful and agile in cleaning ourselves residing in grace within, breathing in and out, fully flowing in #interdependence.

I am choosing into my own life today.

Though my breath I am expanding, I am allowing, I am stepping into my own majesty as a HUMAN.


English, BlurbsClaudia Flores