The sea, the sky, and the stars can wait


People are the most important thing, the sea, and the stars can wait. The path of healing begins in ourselves and, if it ever ends at some point, that must be Mother Earth.
I am a Mayan woman and healer. I know that I have the power to touch and transform things with my essence, that is why every day I write a page in my book of life; With joy, sadness, achievements, obstacles, and challenges I am painting my existence, that's why I know that I am a special being, because there is no one like me: the life that I have only I can live .
The biggest challenge that I constantly face in my life is violence against indigenous women. I have been working for some time in an organization that promotes their rights, as well as those of the children of their communities, addressing the issue of violence in any of its expressions. Improvise, for us, in these adverse circumstances, is the bread of every day.
I know that I have a mission in my life: I am here, at this moment, living because the universe so arranged. I have the capacity to listen and heal women through massages, generating reflections. Almost nobody sees me arrive at the communities, but everyone knows that I was there with my essence of Mayan woman and healer, with my hands, testimony of my passage through the world.
In the face of an unforeseen situation, determined by violence, it is necessary to remain calm, breathe deeply, listen to me to know what is happening and consequently help other people, so that there is no chaos in a crisis situation. 
Life cannot be a selfish, individual event, as many think. A support network is vital to forming a community. The word connection is fundamental, it is to connect with ourselves: if we manage to listen to each other it will be easier to listen to others, being in harmony with us it will be easier to join a collective . The material world is taking us to competition, separation, the loss of union, and ultimately it is pushing us to chaos, that is why breathing and connection with the present are fundamental to build spaces of a more equitable view, where differences be riches, cause for joy and no other way to compete.
I do not consider myself a being capable of performing miracles, but I have a gift: my hands. I touch other people's body through healing, massaging. I am an empathetic woman with women, through the process of accompanying and being present in their lives I have learned to transcend knowledge. In a very particular way, I have generated a collective process of healing with other women of my generation, in talks, talks, and workshops.
At this moment we need as humanity to breathe, to step on solid ground, to return to our values of being reciprocal with nature, to be grateful to the universe so that we can heal Mother Earth. We must learn to improvise a new humanity, in the face of the disaster that is looming for the human community.
I built my life under my parameters, without compromising my principles. I am proud of the attitude I have taken in the different situations that I face daily. I trust in my ability to resilience. Always with gratitude to the universe for allowing me to be a brave woman, grateful for life . I think I am fortunate, my life has not been easy, but I have learned from everyone in many places, circumstances and in the most complicated moments of my life there has always been someone offering me a hand.
My biggest lesson has been experiencing the pain of others. I know that there is a supreme being who takes care of me and protects me. Although sometimes I tend to leave me at last, to overload myself with emotions, which is why I get sick. On many occasions, I have not set limits, and I feel that I live an excess of responsibilities. But the bad days, when I feel sick, exhausted, even frustrated by so much senseless violence, are worth it when I see that a woman is freed from a situation of danger.
I have never said this to anyone: someday I would like to travel on a cruise to watch the sunset and at night see the stars, perhaps in the company of a couple of life. It's just a dream because I have no partner and neither money. Maybe I can fulfill that desire when my work in this world is close to reaching the goal. Meanwhile, there are women, girls, and boys who need help. The sea, the sky, and the stars can wait.

María Russy de Rosalba Chay Tucuch

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