Be able to see the light


When writing this I feel a great emotion, I feel life inside of me, I feel my soul, heart and essence, and all this I can experience now in my body, which is no longer afraid to feel, to live the present moment that contains us to all in the supreme will.

I am a psycho-corporal therapist and I work individually or with groups in workshops of internal growth and human development. When I impart workshops, either mindfulness or in which we teach people to connect with their body, causing and allowing the body to vibrate for the release of stress and tension, moments arise in which emotional unblocks occur. This experience is very strong for patient and therapist.

When a human being is given the opportunity to feel, he breaks a barrier; It can be a very emotional moment . My job is to accompany patients through therapeutic restraint so that they achieve self-discovery, recognizing themselves as sensitive humans, with a history, with sorrows and sorrows, so that they emerge with their humanity a little more complete, recognized and integrated.

In those moments there are small outbursts that can be very intense or very subtle, through crying, laughter or anger, what each one brings in that moment. When you give permission to feel, people open up, and that's beautiful, magical. I only accompany them lovingly, or I confront them, as the case may be. Before starting I put my will in the hands of the divine will. From that moment I know that I am the means for the higher self to work, support the other and accompany him in his self-discovery. This is where I believe that the human and what goes beyond the human are united. It is a beautiful job, that I love and that I am happy to do .

I consider myself a road warrior and I like to share what I have learned along the way with others. I love working with groups, recognizing their wisdom, always learning from each participant. Feeling life connecting with me and others makes me vibrate, recognize myself, feel through other human beings.

Not everything is honey over flakes. My self-demand, my need to control and think that I have to be perfect leads me to judge myself and demand hard, not being subtle and loving with myself. Many times I do the same with other people, I demand them and I judge them, ceasing to be subtle and loving with them. I know I can be a tyrant and act from the lower self that wants to control. This moves me away from my center, from my loving essence, and from the other. However, although I do not like it, I recognize that it is part of me, and that it also helped me to be what I am. Only today I realize when I'm in that dark place and I can do what it takes to get away.

As we accept our contradictions we discover the kind of unique beings we are and we can approach abundance. For this it is necessary to learn to tune in with the vibration of the universe, with clarity and awareness, to realize how we flow with it and how miracles arise, one by one, beginning with our existence. Thus we value from presence, from being one with the universal source, creator of everything, that we are co-creators of realities and responsible for what we do in the world.

When things do not go as expected, the most important lesson I have learned is to trust and not resist , without trying to control, something difficult for me, letting go and as in Mexico we say: lazy and cooperative. Otherwise, I enter the territory of fear and distort things. Now I know that what resists persists, by law of life, then to let go and begin to see the gains that come from the losses .                            

When facing a crisis situation I have learned to trust my intuition, to breathe deeply to lower the emotion and to be able to think more clearly and realize what my best alternatives are. Learn to trust and assume the consequences of the decisions I make, always breathing deeply so as not to make accelerated decisions, although sometimes we do not have much choice. Conscious breathing helps a lot to put things in better perspective .

Of the things that I have learned throughout this life, sometimes with a lot of pain, it is that we are only the present experience, and it is here and now where we connect with what we have, the rest are stories that we tell ourselves, maybe they have led us to be what we are, but what we really are is the moment, what is today and what I have been building in every moment of my life. I am responsible for what happens, I am co-creator of my reality, and I can choose what I think and how I think, I can be positive or negative, grateful or resentful. Everything is constantly changing, nothing is permanent, that is why enjoying today, the present moment, is the real thing and what is for me .

That space where everything remains is the universal consciousness that integrates everything and everyone, beyond individuality. Meditation helps us to train our mind to access those spaces where we are only breathing, light, absence of mental noise. Alert of what happens inside me and around me, present: that's where I believe we can connect with the universal consciousness. By tuning into that frequency everything is possible, it is power, abundance, love and darkness to be able to see the light.

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